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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Dead until Dark

Dead until Dark, Charlaine Harris' first book from the Southern Vampire Mysteries introduces us to the heroine of the series - Sookie Stackhouse who is a telepathic waitress in the small Southern Town of Bon Temps.

This book shows us how Sookie's life changes 2 years after the great revelation, when Bill Compton a vampire comes into the bar that she works at. Sookie saves Bill from some drainers, and thus begins their relationship. Sookie gets sucked into the world of vampires, and well it's all one big adventure, with everything you could want from a mystery book.

A quick read that is not only fun, but interesting as you pick up things about Louisianna. Great if you're into vampire literature, but also if you are venturing into vampire literature to see 'what the fuss is about'.

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