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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Definitely Dead

In Definitely Dead, the sixth book in the Southern Vampire Series, we are re-introduced to Quinn, the weretiger who Sookie met in Dead as a Doornail when there was a contest for packleader of the Shreveport Weres, and Sookie had to use her telepathy to see if there was any cheating.

Sookie's cousin Hadley who was a vampire has died, and Sookie has to go to Louisianna to sort out Hadley's possessions. At Hadley's apartment there is a suprise for Sookie, that noone but Hadley would have known about.

There is a celebration because of the marriage of the Queen of Louisianna and the King of Arkansas. But there is an unexpected twist of events which leads to the mass culling of many vampires from both sides, including the King of Arkansas.

So much happens in this novel, and if this does not improve your opinion of the Southern Vampire Series, then clearly you are hard to please.

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