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Sunday, 9 May 2010

White Oleander

The storyline: Astrid is the only child of a beautiful but obsessed poet whom she worships.
When her mother is imprisoned for life for killing a lover with the poison of oleander flowers, Astrid is placed in foster care. She passes through a series of foster homes ranging from a trailer park to a Hollywood bungalow and a series of foster mothers - one who shoots her and another who starves her. It seems that she has found love an
d happiness and a chance at life with one rich couple until tragedy occurs and Astrid is on the move again.

The Review: This novel, is a true masterpiece, and should be read by all people who enjoy books that allow for digging deep, and considering the effects that humans have on oneanother. This book show's how Astrid's mother has messed her up, and how she ruins her chances for happiness and any semblance of a normal life when her mother is in prison. Her mother is so selfish, and despite her words, she does not really care for Astrid.

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