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Sunday, 27 June 2010

100 Treasures of Buckingham Palace

Blogging about the book 100 Treasures of Buckingham Palace is a bit out of the ordinary considering the books that I generally write about, but in trying to keep with the theme of English things this month, I thought that I would write about one of the most English things of all - the treasures that belong to the Royal Family.

In 100 Treasures of Buckingham Palace, Tom Parsons writes about the extensive collection housed within Buckingham Palace which ranges from little ornaments to jewellery to furniture and exquisite portraits. Being a scholar of Classical Studies, many of the pieces greatly intrigued me, but I also found that I enjoyed describing to myself the details that I saw on each of the pieces and trying to guess where they came from before reading the description.

This book has increased my desire to one day see Buckingham Palace and go on a tour to see the myriad of treasures housed there.

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