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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Reading Jane Austen

I have been busy reading Jane Austen's Emma for more than a month now, what I learned is that you cannot read Jane Austen quickly, as their is just so much to consider and to take in. Hopefully I will soon finish Emma - I am presently busy reading chapter 22 of Emma. So much has already been covered. Emma tries to fix up her friend Harriet with Mr Elton who it turns out, is actually interested in Emma. Emma finds this to be quite a problem as she now has to find someone else for Harriet, because she encouraged Harriet to turn down a farmer.

Jane Fairfax and Mr Churchill have been mentioned - and I cannot wait to see what the two of them will bring to the plot of Emma. It presently seems that something could happen between Emma and Mr Knightley, though with Emma having her mind set on staying unmarried - quite a bit would have to happen to get that to change I think.

Well, I shall post a bit more as the story unfolds, and the story of Emma Woodhouse becomes more dense.

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