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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Survivor - Sharon Osbourne

One of the people I truly admire is Sharon Osbourne. She is a versatile, talented woman who has achieved so much despite struggling through so many things. She is the woman behind Ozzy Osbourne, is responsible for OzzFest and works on numerous tv shows. She is someone that I aspire to be like.

In Survivor, Sharon tells it all like it is - nothing less could ever be expected from her- and one truly gets the sense of the crazy train that Sharon's life has been. Sharon speaks of her relationship with her father before he died, Ozzy's career, celeb feuds and fights which generally start because Sharon is so protective of her family. Sharon also touches on things that most of us can relate to such as her struggle with her weight and her problems with ageing.

This book is brutally honest and whilst reading you can truly hear Sharon speaking off the page. Definitely something that you have to read, because Sharon's life has simply been too fascinating to not share!

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