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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Harper Connelly Series by Charlaine Harris PART 1

In the Harper Connelly Series, we accompany Harper Connelly who can best be described as a seer of sorts and her brother –Tolliver Lang- as they travel around America helping to solve the mysteries surrounding people’s deaths. Harper was struck by lightning when she was 15 years old and ever since she has been able to sense dead people – locating their bodies and revealing the cause of their deaths. Each book sees Harper and Tolliver solving some or other mystery surrounding the corpse they have been recruited to find. Charlaine Harris has really delivered in this series.

As of yet, there are four books in this series – Grave Sight, Grave Surprise, An Ice Cold Grave and Grave Secret. I wonder if more books will be added to the series. Though I just read on Facebook's Visual Bookshelf that Grave Secret is not only the final book in the series, but the final book for the series. This makes me sad, as these books are really great. I really hope that Harris will reconsider and will return to writing more adventures for Harper and Tolliver to solve, as I have really enjoyed reading them. Although I should say that so far I have been able to tell who the killer is rather soon in the book, but that has not made them any less enjoyable. So here’s a brief summary and review of the four books in the Harper Connelly series. So here goes...

Grave Sight

Grave Sight is the first book in the Harper Connelly series in which we are introduced to Harper and her unusual talent. We also meet her step brother Tolliver who acts as her *for lack of a better word* agent, and her support system. Doing what Harper does is really draining and she is really lucky to have Tolliver there to help keep her sane and alive.

In Grave Sight, Harper and Tolliver go to the small town of Sarne to find the body of a missing teenage girl. Of course as we come to expect from any mystery, there is more to it than that. Harper uncovers that the teenage girl as well as her boyfriend’s deaths were no accident. Dell – her boyfriend did not commit suicide -as was decided by the police- but was murdered as was his girlfriend Teenie.

Harper and Tolliver are asked to see Teenie’s mom, and then they leave town for another job. They then get a call asking them to come back to Sarne as Teenie’s mom – Helen- has been found dead. Harper again uses her gift and finds that Helen was murdered by a man. That makes 3 connected murders – the plot just thickens. Harper becomes friendly with a police officer – Hollis Boxleitner –who was married to Teenie’s older sister Sally. Sally who as the plot would have it is also dead; died whilst taking a bath. Hollis asks Harper to see the moment of Sally’s death. Harper discovers that Sally was killed – someone drowned her in her own bath. So here we have four murders in which the victims are linked.

To avoid having to say spoiler alert, I’ll just say... Harper manages to solve the mystery and sets everything to rights before moving on to the next town to solve the next death mystery.

*The rest of the Harper Connelly books will follow shortly, in 3 more installments*

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