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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Paris in July

So as I sit at my laptop writing this post for Paris in July I am listening to a wonderful French song - Sympathique by Pink Martini. So what will I be doing for Paris in July? Well, I have like three books that arerou related to anything French on my bookshelf - The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, Trouble in my Head by Mathilde Monaque and Le Chateu de ma Mere - which sadly I do not understand as I chose German over French at Uni.

I went to the library and rediscovered Chocolat - which although not written by a French author has a French setting. So since that covers the extent of my reading for Paris in July, what other French things will I be enjoying? I love the paintings of Henri de Toulouse as well as that of Picasso and Monet. So why not look at some French art and watch the movie Amelie? And whilst I am at it, I have been looking for a reason to watch Moulin Rouge again (not that one ever needs to look for a reason!!!)

So I think that now I'll go have some French toast and look for a crepe recipe to enjoy the finer things that are French and oh so tres chic!!!

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