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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Recap of the week

So this past week has been a total haze - thinking back everything is all blurred into one. I blame the Cilift for this - I have started taking it again so that I am not as dark and twisty as I was last time. But a highlight of this past week for me was our spontaneous trip to PE which enabled me to -after six months- go book shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Shops, R1000 and like 15 books later, I am happy as a lark and very excited about reading again!!!!!

So where did I go and what did I buy???? I started at Bargain Books which is my favourite book shop and got several gems. Then I went to CNA and got a few more great books, and then I ended my book shopping spree at Mundy's Book Exchange which is a delightful second hand book shop in Newton Park.

Here are some of my latest acquisitions:
I am Ozzy
Revolutionary Road
Second Summer of the Sisterhood
The Da Vinci Code
In Her Shoes
Vampire Diaries
Succubus Heat
Thorn Queen
Shutter Island

I must say that I have been very fortunate, as I watched Revolutionary Road last weekend and decided that I MUST have the book, also I had planned to watch Shutter Island and absolutely had to have the book!!!! I watched Shutter Island last night, and all I can say is WOW!!!!! Absolute Genius, I cannot wait to get into the book!!!!

So that is the highlight of my past week - will actually post this coming week!!!! And I should say that I found some other interesting books to read thanks to some of the other book blogs out there!!!! So the Chronicles of Vladimir Todd is on my reading list, and I think that I am getting back on track to getting to my 100 book goal!!!!! I am presently reading In Her Shoes - which is a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed- and I am enjoying it so far. Also I am reading or rather I should say re-reading Roald Dahl books in preperation for my Roald Dahl posts leading up to Roald Dahl day for next month!!!!

So have a great Saturday and I'll catch you on the flipside!!!

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