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Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Road to Macondo

Writing teachers will tell you: Write what you know. Gabriel García Márquez did. The author's journey to create Macondo, the fictional town of One Hundred Years of Solitude, began on Saturday, February 19, 1943. He set out, with his mother, to sell their ancestral house in Aracataca, Colombia. It was the house he had been born in. He arrived in town tired from a long journey. He breathed the rarified air and fell in love all over again. The whole town seemed dead and frozen, filled with ghosts and memories. When he recalls the journey, he says of it, "I could not have imagined this simple two-day trip would be so decisive that the longest and most diligent of lives would not be enough for me to finish recounting it." It took this author nearly twenty years and three other novels (none of them autobiographical) to put it down on paper, but the seeds of One Hundred Years of Solitude were sown on this fateful trip.

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