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Saturday, 25 December 2010

All the book blogs out there

So this Christmas (after helping with all the cooking) I have taken to trawling the blogosphere reading and catching up on all the posts from the blogs that I follow. It has lead me to think that my blog needs some renovations. So I think to ring in the new year I should revamp my blog - maybe a new template and some changes in the style of things?

I am presently reading Vampire Diaries: The Return- Shadow Souls and have deviated from my plan to make up the last books needed to reach my 100 book total. I have also started making a list of books I would like to read next year and have 20 Classics on my list so far. I think though that I need to be more eclectic in my tastes and will be reading Phillipa Gregory to add a bit more variety to things around here. I have added a new page - with the 1001 Books that you should read before you die. My progress is not that astounding as I have been reading newer books. I want to add a page with the Oprah Book Club List as I have read a fair amount from there.

So look out for some changes!

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