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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Back to Stories Anne Rice Praises Stephenie Meyer And The Twilight Saga

Anne Rice, the queen of vampire lit, recently shared some harsh criticism of Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight series, which Rice likened to Vampires for Dummies. Now, Rice has clarified her earlier statements and even praised Meyer for her work. A couple of weeks ago in an interview with New Jersey Star-Ledger, Rice said, “[Twilight is] based on a really silly premise: that immortals would go to high school...It’s a failure of imagination, but at the same time, that silly premise has provided Stephenie Meyer with huge success. It’s almost like a stroke of genius to put vampires in high school. They just graduate over and over again."Rice went on to say, “The idea that if you are immortal you would go to high school instead of Katmandu or Paris or Venice, it’s the vampire dumbed down for kids."Sounds like she's doesn't think very highly of the books or their author; however, during a recent interview with students at Saint Gertrude High School in Richmond, Va., Rice praised Stephenie Meyer for her creativity.“I think Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful writer, and she’s made millions of people very, very happy,” Rice admitted. “I thought it was kind of enchanting…I certainly have respect for it.”Even though Rice says she admires the Twilight author, she's still not a fan of the series personally. Maybe she realized that making fun of the franchise would affect her negatively. If so, she's learned an important lesson…don’t hate on Twilight!So Twihards, can she be forgiven?

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