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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Bad Beginning

The Bad Beginning is the first book in the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events. In this book we are introduced to the Baudelaire Children about whom this series revolves. Violet who is 14 is the eldest, then there is Klaus who is 12 and little Sunny who is still an infant.

In the Bad Beginning, the Baudelaire Children are orphaned when their house is destroyed in a fire which also kills their parents. As they are now orphans they have to live with relatives. The relative they are sent to live with in this book is Count Olaf who they have never heard of before. The treatment they receive at the hands of Count Olaf is absolutely appalling.

All three children have to share a single bedroom which only has one bed, and they have to do many chores - which includes cooking for Count Olaf and his theatre troupe. Count Olaf is very mean to the Baudelaire's and addresses them "Orphans". Count Olaf is after their treasure and plans to include Violet in one of his plays so that she can marry him. His plan is very elaborate, he has witnesses and an actual judge performing the ceremony. The Baudelaire's figure out that this play is just a rouse and tell him, he then holds Sunny captive in a cage and says he will only let her go once Violet has married him. Luckily his plan is foiled, and Count Olaf is exposed, but he gets away, and threatens to get the Baudelaire's and their fortune.

What will happen to the Baudelaire's now? Next Thursday I will be reviewing The Reptile Room - Book Two in The Series of Unfortunate Events.

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