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Saturday, 4 December 2010

On Vampires...

So I have read several vampire books - Southern Vampire, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and House of Night- but I have not really reviewed any of them other than The Southern Vampire Series. In April I planned on writing about Twilight, but for some reason - which completely eludes me at the moment - I never did. So I think it is time that I started writing more about vampires. However, it is not only vampires that I have been neglecting writing about. So far this year I have read 73 books (27 books away from my target number) and many of them have gone without review so I definitely have to catch up in that sphere too.

But to start writing about vampires, I didn't notice until last night the degree of similarity in two covers for books by different authors, but which have a word or I should rather say a time in the title in common. If you have not yet guessed, the one book is Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer (which if you have not yet read or heard about can download from her site for free) and the other is Nightfall - the first book from the Vampire Diaries: The Return Series - by L.J. Smith. Here are the covers:

Okay so granted there are some of you out there who will criticise and probably roll your eyes, at my marvelling at the similarity of the covers given that there are a number of options for the cover of Midnight Sun; as you can see below.


So this was the first installment of Vampire posting, will post on a non-fantasy book too to even up the playing field and to mention the fantastic books that I have read this year!

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