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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Revenge - Sharon Osbourne

I was very excited when I saw this book in CNA and did not hesitate when it came to buying it. I absolutely adore Sharon Osbourne - she is fiery and feisty and just so comfortably herself that she is somewhat a role model for me. I first read Sharon's second biography - Survivor (which I reviewed) this year. I bought it when I was in Cape Town for the Kelly Clarkson concert. It was so enthralling that I barely felt the time go by on my flight back to Port Elizabeth.

Reading Survivor was like having Sharon talking to you - that is how brilliant a writer she is. So when I saw her first work of fiction, I simply had to have it and had to read it. I read it about two months ago, but never wrote a review for it. So here it is, and you truly would expect nothing less from Sharon.

This book is wonderfully thought out and wonderfully written. It is historically relevant for the setting in which the book opens. It has scandal and revenge and it is rather sexy, actually its just plain hot.


"Two sisters. One Dream. Winner takes all"

We have Maggie - who just knows she has what it takes to be famous. She leaves her home town - Sheffield - to make it big as an actress in London. She goes to audition after audition, but keeps getting told she just doesn't have 'it'. Upset after one of these auditions she bumps into a bar owner in Soho and he offers he a job. Whilst working as a barmaid she meets Derek - who she knows is trouble but can't resist no matter how hard she tries.

She falls for Derek so hard that it shatters her when he leaves her - pregnant- for her hippie flat mate. Derek send his brother George to deal with Maggie and the mess he has created. But instead of just paying Maggie off like he does Derek's other girls, George sees something in Maggie who has now decided to grow up and be called Margaret. George and Margaret get married but George has a secret.

Maggie has her and Derek's baby and name her Chelsea, then she and George have a daughter and name her Amber. Margaret pushes Amber to pursue her dream of becoming famous, but when things work out for Chelsea and not Amber a wedge is pushed between the two sisters. But things change as the two sisters grow up with Amber being the star and Chelsea becoming the washed up fat older sister. Jealousy sets the perfect scene for revenge, but not without a few skeletons falling out of the closet.

This is all I will say about Revenge, read it to see the revenge being played out. This book leaves you wanting nothing more - definitely the perfect material for a movie or mini-series. It reminded me greatly of Footballer's Wives (which I loved). This book is truly excellent and should be read by you.


  1. I never pegged Sharon Osbourne for a fiction writer! Sounds interesting.

  2. It is very interesting, a great mix of many elements in this story. Thanks for stopping by :)


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