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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

2011 Week 3: A review

So there was not much to distinguish week 3 from weeks 1 and 2, other than my great disappointment at the Cricket on Friday. Let us just say the less said the better. It was a terribly hot week, with rain bringing relief, but at the wrong time on Friday, but anyway...

So my sister left for university, she is at NMMU and going through week 1 of 3 of orientation. Ridiculous if you ask me coz the one week we had at Rhodes was enough. I read 2 books last week, none of them planned - I read book 2 and 4 from the Ghost Hunter Mystery Series, which I will post on once I have read all 5.

It truly was an unremarkable week, so there is not much to say for it except my concern at the dramatic changes in climate. Flooding, droughts, hailstorms - it is all so severe. Perhaps the end will come in 2012, I will just be sad that I have not read all the books I wanted to if it comes to that. But now I am becoming too sombre. Let us just hope that week 4 will be better. Happy Reading!

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