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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Practical Magic: The Review

I adored the movie Practical Magic and was very excited when I discovered that it was a book too. I had high hopes for the book, but was a bit disappointed because it didn't flow the way I would have liked it to. So let's get into the review, shall we.

Practical Magic is about the Owen's sisters who found themselves orphaned and had to live with their two aunts. Living with their aunts they become poreias because everyone fears the Owens house and what goes on there. Everyone except the desperate women who want their love interest to notice them, or who want their husbands to stop straying. These women come to the aunts to help solve their problems. It is in observing the help that the aunts offer to these desperate women that shapes Sally and Gillian's views on love and what it does to you.

Gillian leaves home one night and sets off on an adventure that she doesn't return from till she is 36. Sally however lives with the aunts, and one day when a bird does not appear in the house decides that it is okay to love and marries Michael from the hardware store. They live happily until fate intervenes, and Sally leaves much the way Gillian did. Gillian returns to Sally to help her after her bad boyfriend Jimmy dies.

I will stop there as I wish to intrigue and not give away anything with spoilers. Practical Magic is well written, but it does not flow as I would have liked it to.

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