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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Someone like You

I found this book for an absolute steal last year as I wrote before and was over the moon because I love Roald Dahl, I started reading it, and was shocked. I usually associate Dahl with his children's stories which I devoured when I was younger, so I was shocked to discover his more adult works. Let me just clarify what I mean when I say I was shocked, Dahl to me is the king of children's stories, so to see how magnificently he wrote before transitioning to children's literature is just something that wow's me. Dahl truly was a genius.

I have read 4 stories from the anthology so far, with Lamb to the Slaughter coming up as my favourite - it is just so cleverly written and thought out that if you have not read it before I urge you to go and read it NOW!! It is so difficult to try and tell you about Lamb to the Slaughter because I don't want to give away any spoilers, I can just say that it is a murder mystery - a delightfully clever one at that.

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