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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Heat and Reading

So my reading -and blogging - pace has been glacial the last while, I blame the heat. It is simply too hot. I would ordinarily flop down on a couch under the fan and get reading, but now it is simply to hot to even read. It is so hot that you can hardly think. Whoever says global warming is not real should come to Somerset East, and melt.

Fortunately there has been a bit of relief today in the form of a thunderstorm so it is bearable again outside. I for one cannot wait for the temperatures to drop a little bit, but here in South Africa you hardly get cold really. So today I am supposed to post on Oliver Twist, but I have not read the requisite chapters, so I shall try to post on it by Friday.

The good news is that I will be taking a 3 hour train ride to Port Elizabeth on Tuesday, which means 3 hours of uninterrupted reading. I will be flying for an hour and a half on Wednesday so another hour and half there. So hopefully I can catch up on my reading which has been dismally slow and get up several posts after my short holiday in Cape Town. I am excited to be staying with my brother because my sister in law is a librarian so that is always awesome. The bad news is that unless I get radically busy reading in the next five days there will not be any new posts up in the time that I am gone, but maybe I can write up on some of the books I read last year that I still have not posted on. I should actually work on that tonight.

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