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Monday, 7 February 2011

I found this on Sparknotes and had to share because it is well, awesome!

5 Reasons Why Reading is Awesome

Alexis A eats books. No really, she does. She said so herself. —Sparkitors

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a bookworm. I eat, sleep, and breathe books. When I was younger, my parents had to take away my books just so I would do my homework. My friends stay up late the surfing the web or watching TV; I stay up late wrapped in a Snuggie, reading a book. What can I say? Books are awesome. All the non-believers out there are simply misinformed or just haven't given those wonderful collections of words a chance. There are a million reasons why reading is the bomb.com, but here are five:

1. EDUMACATION. It’s true: reading makes you smarter. You pick up all sorts of ideas and awesome quotes and thematic elements, and you can study and emulate the diction and syntax of the author to improve your own writing. You think English class can’t be applied to your daily life? Open a great book and think again.

2. ALLUSIONS, ALLUSIONS, ALLUSIONS. You know those things your favorite TV character says that go right over your head? Reading more will ensure that you miss the joke less often. Most of those witty lines contain a plethora of literary allusions, so becoming more familiar with classic or popular literature can help you enjoy TV on a deeper level.

3. LEARN BIG WORDS. Books have a lot of words (that’s probably what makes them so daunting to book-haters), and the vocabulary you pick up from reading can really come in handy; seriously, just try dropping "doppelganger" into your next casual chat!

4. FREE TIME WELL SPENT. Books are enjoyable. I know, I know, this is a total book-nerd claim. But books are all different, and there are tons of them out there. Go check the library. That place is packed, my friend. So many places to go, people to meet, adventures to be had—and they’re all in those pages, trust me. You just have to open a book and let yourself enjoy it.

5. SOCIAL LIFE, WHO NEEDS IT! I will admit that some human interaction is desirable for the average person. But if you’re stuck at home on a Friday or Saturday night (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything), the best way to occupy your time is by reading. Plus, if you're a regular attendee on bus, plane, etc. rides, a book is the best way to avoid conversations with creepers. Nothing says “I don’t want to talk” like sticking your nose into a book and looking engrossed.

Why do you love to read?


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