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Friday, 1 April 2011

Like Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders

I had the tremendous weight of two essays on my shoulders, the first one I submitted Sunday night, and I would have submitted the second one a few minutes ago, but the Unisa website is down, even though they say on the portal that they will be down only from 19:00 - 23:59. This is very annoying for two reasons. 1. My assignment is due today, so I would like to submit it already and 2. I want to move on with my life.

I think that I will just rest for the remainder of today once I submit that darn assignment, and then tomorrow I will get back to blogging. Two posts to look forward to as I think I promised them a while back are, Spin the Plate and Matchmakers 2.0. Be prepared for a little surprise with both book posts.

I decided to work my way through the Southern Vampire books by Charlaine Harris again, and I must say I am enjoying them just as much as I did the last time I read them. I am a bit dismayed that there are things I do not remember, but that has nothing to do with Ms Harris' talent, but rather the antidepressants that I was on - there are large chunks of books and movies and even series that I cannot remember. That is part of the reason that I decided to reread, another reason is I would like to remember everything when Dead Reckoning comes out in a few months, and after reading some of the posts out there asking whether we are reading too fast - something I had thinking about before reading the posts - I decided to take pause, and go back to the books that I have already read. Yes it means that if I die tomorrow I will not have read as many books as I would have liked to, but it also means that I have really enjoyed and spent time with the books that I have read.

I won't be reposting on the Southern Vampire books, as I feel I did an adequate review when I read them last year. But do look out for another kind of post on them in the not too distant future.

I must say that some good has come out of this time that I am waiting for the Unisa portal to go back up again, I have been trawling Goodreads for something new to read, and I came across some good series which I have managed to track down, so you can look forward to some mystery series reviews. I actually find that I quite enjoy these mystery series, and I have to reread some of them so that I can post on them, because I did not post on all the books that I read last year.

I am hoping to be back and blogging again, but do know that my absence means that I am taking strain academically and not that I have decided to quit. I enjoy blogging, its like having a book journal, but one that works better for me because I always misplace whatever book I am writing in.

Have a great Friday!

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