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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Quickly checking in

I am very excited about some of the posts that I have lined up. I am trying to create a bit more variety on Bibliophilia, trying to freshen things up a little bit. It all started with the new template and background and will continue with a few new things that I plan to gradually introduce.

One of the new things that I will be doing is posting the synopsis and picture of a new book that I am very excited about - so look for that. I started with my post on The Near Witch - it does sound like a wonderful read, doesn't it? It also sounds like the perfect book to be turned into a movie. I am hoping to get a copy of it so that I can read it and then tell you all about it.

I recently joined netGalley, and you will have to wait a while to see those reviews, but do watch this space as I have read some really great books from them. I am also very excited because one of the author's whose book I reviewed from netGalley emailed me to thank me for my review. It does warm the heart when an author appreciates your review.

So which reviews can you look forward to in the next while? Here is a list to give you an idea:

Origins - book 1 in the Stefan Diaries
Bloodlust - book 2 in the Stefan Diaries
The Craving - book 3 in the Stefan Diaries
Murder is Binding - Book 1 in the Booktown Mystery Series
Bookmarked for Death - Book 2 in the Booktown Mystery Series
Bookplate Special - Book 3 in the Booktown Mystery Series
Chapter and Hearse - Book 4 in the Booktown Mystery Series
Part 3 of Gone with the Wind

Also, I got a copy of Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini from Pan Macmillan South Africa in the mail yesterday, so look out for that review in the next few days. I am also going to reread the Vampire Diaries and then actually post on them, I read them last year and did not write about it so look out for that. Another reread for posting purposes - four actually is the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast; the Harper Connelly series by Charlaine Harris, The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer and the Ghost Hunter Mystery Series by Victoria Laurie.

I also plan on doing an about me page, and when I checked today it was 96 days till my blogoversary!

So do keep a look out for these posts and a few others inbetween, and till then happy reading!

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