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Thursday, 16 June 2011

A retrospective look

One of the things that I adore about books is that they allow history to be frozen on the page. Reading a book is far easier and often times more interesting than looking back in a history text book. It really made me think when I read this passage in Gone with the Wind, and it made me think of how lucky I am to be alive in the 21st Century as someone of the female persuasion. But it also made me think of the pitfalls of being a female in the 21st Century. Well, to the passage in Gone with the Wind:

Ellen's life was not easy, nor was it happy, but she did not expect life to be easy, and, if it was not happy, that was woman's lot. It was a man's world, and she accepted it as such. The man owned the property, and the woman managed it. The man took the credit for the management and the woman praised his cleverness. The man roared like a bull when a splinter was in his finger, and the woman muffled the moans of childbirth, lest she disturb him. Men were rough of speech and often drunk. Women ignored the lapses of speech and put the drunkards to bed without bitter words. Men were rude and outspoken; women were always kind, gracious and forgiving.

Page 61

It really does give you food for thought.


  1. Maybe that was why Scarlett said "Fiddle-dee-dee" so often. This is one of my favorite books, I hope you're enjoying it.

  2. It is fast becoming one of my favourites!


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