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Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Tale of Mr Tod

The tale is about a badger called Tommy Brock and his neighbour Mr. Tod, a fox. Brock kidnaps the children of Benjamin Bunny and his wife Flopsy, and hides them in an oven in the home of Mr. Tod. When the fox discovers the badger asleep in his bed, the two come to fisticuffs, and Benjamin and Peter Rabbit take advantage of the moment to rescue the bunnies.

The Tale of Mr Tod is one of the lesser known stories by Beatrix Potter. I chose this book so that I could better get to know Mr Tod, but also because I have a Mr Tod doll - as you can see in the pictures - so I thought he should get his 5 minutes of fame. But back to the story, The Tale of Mr Tod is not as enjoyable as Miss Potter's other stories like The Tale of Peter Rabbit or The Tale of Tom Kitten, but it is characteristic of the genius that is Beatrix Potter and it has a happy ending (well sort of anyway).

Definitely not my favourite Beatrix Potter story, but it is worth reading just to experience the genius of Beatrix Potter. Tommy Brock is an obnoxious character, and you sort of feel sorry for Mr Tod for having to put up with Tommy Brock's atrocious behaviour - but then you remember what he did to Jemima Puddleduck and then you get over it. I am just glad that the little bunnies are okay at the end of the story, and it is lovely to see into the world of a grown up Peter and Benjamin Bunny.

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