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Monday, 6 June 2011

Tea Shop Mystery Series - Book 1 Death by Darjeeling

Ordinarily, Charleston's Indigo Tea Shop is an oasis of calm. But when tea shop owner, Theodosia Browning, caters the annual Lamplighter Tour of historic homes, one of the patrons turns up dead. Never mind that it's Hughes Barron, a slightly scurrilous real estate developer. Theodosia's reputation is suddenly on the line. Aided by her friends and fellow tea shop entrepreneurs, Theo sets about to unravel the mystery of the deadly Darjeeling and encounters a number of likely suspects. Tanner Joseph, the fiery environmentalist, held a grudge against the developer for his misuse of land. Timothy Neville, the octogenarian major domo for the Heritage Society, opposed Hughes Barron's election to the board. And Barron's unsavory partner might very well profit from a cleverly written buy-sell agreement!

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And now for the review:

Unlike some mysteries I have read before, I was not immediately drawn into this story. There was nothing compelling me to keep reading. However, that does not mean that I did not like it. The characters are lovely, I especially love Drayton and Theodosia, and also Jory Davis who I think appeared far too little in this book.

Death by Darjeeling is a very cosy story - and it helps you not only learn about a new place, but also so many different teas! I did find though that I knew who the murderer was before it was revealed, but this is not something uncommon. Death by Darjeeling is a wonderful read when you are looking for something light to escape in, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the series has in store.

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