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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Some thoughts on blogging/ my blog

When I started this blog almost two years ago, I had not really thought about having a specialised blog that focuses mainly on one genre. I actually had not put too much thought into it. In fact I neglected it for a long time before starting to blog in earnest. So why did I start blogging?

I started blogging because it was something fun to do. My friend Ceasar and I were inspired by our one classics lecturer who showed us his blog during a lecture. We were so excited that that very day we looked into starting our own blogs. My first blog was Pro Tempore, I have since abandoned it because I felt that I no longer had anything interesting enough happening to me to blog about. So then I thought about the different kind of blogs that one can have and I started this book blog because I love reading. I started to take this blog seriously around April/May last year, and aside from a few absences because of life happening, I think I have done quite well. I took last year off so that I could fully recover from depression, so I could be me again, and I will say that having this blog really helped me on the road to recovery. This blog gave me something to focus on outside of myself, and reading all the books that I have read has greatly helped me. I have learned that you are not cured from depression – it can come back. You have to live your life doing things that make you happy because every day that you do not slide back into depression is taking a step towards staying healthy. So aside from being something to focus on, this blog is something I can refer anyone back to when they want to know what I have been doing the past almost two years.

So reflecting back on the books that I have reviewed, I see my eclectic taste has been allowed to come to life on this blog. I am glad that I did not restrict myself by choosing to review only a specific genre. I don’t think I would have stuck to blogging if I had decided on just a specific genre. I get bored easily and I don’t like not being able to choose whatever comes my way. I have not really taken too much time on my blog to write about me, so in an overt way you cannot say that you know me, but I would like to think that based on the books that I have read and the way in which I give my opinions on these books that you have gotten to know me.

I do hope that you will stay with me on this journey, or if you are new to my blog that you will join me on my journey blogging about the books that fill my life.

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