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Saturday, 29 October 2011

When you're gone...

Hi all,

life has been crazier than usual of late - school, training for my new job and preparing for exams has really started to take its toll. So I do want to apologise for my absence, and would also like to inform you that I will probably only post sporadically - if at all - over the next month or so. Next year will definitely be a better blogging year.

Please bare with me whilst I deal with all the curve balls that life is throwing at me. I do promise that when I come back my blog will be bursting at the seams with new posts. I have planned several things and would most likely have had a few of them up already if my internet at home was not so iffy. I am hoping that the internet people will actually make it round to my house today to check out what the problem is. I am at the library at the moment using the internet there to get this out. Sadly I do not have time to put up more, but I will try.

I appreciate your patience, and there will soon be a lull so that I can give my blog the attention it deserves, and so that I can catch you all up on what has been happening and about my new job.

But till then, Happy Reading, and Happy Halloween.

P.S. I got myself an eReader (very exciting!!! ) and have decided to name him Verona. More details will follow the next time that I am online.

Many bookish thoughts,

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