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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Plans for 2012

This year has been a very disappointing year for me blogging wise. I have not been around as much as I wanted to, I have not checked other blogs as frequently as I would have liked and I certainly have not read an impressive amount of books.

Because of all this, I have decided to plan ahead for 2012 as far as blogging goes. I have started to set up a sort of schedule, and well, when you have a bit of a plan, you stress less. This ofcourse means a lot of reading during December, and trying to steal a moment here and there to get a few pages in. But I really do hope that 2012 will be a better year for reading and blogging.

So far I only have 1 month completely planned, and that is because I was just so excited by the though that I decided that 2012 must be the year to get it done. So in September of 2012, you can look forward to an entire month dedicated to Roadl Dahl. I have 6 days left open for guest posts, so if you are interested please let me know and let us all share our love for Roald Dahl.

Also, next year September my blog turns 3 years old!!! Shocking, I totally missed my blogoversary this year. To make up for it, next year is going to be a year for celebrating so you can look forward to some giveaways in September. It ties in so well with Roald Dahl month!! I have also decided to have a different format for things around here next year. I want to mix my reviews up a little bit and not have many from one genre and just one or two of another. Watch this space, and see how change happens.

Next year will see the debut of my Original Classics feature, I thought it would be better to launch it when I am actually online a lot instead of the sporadic post that has been the norm of late.

Good news is that Monday I start something that is less draining, so you can expect to see a bit more content than you have over the past few months. I think it's Spring that is giving me all these ideas and inspiration. Let's hope it lasts.

But anyway, enough of my rambling... Happy Sunday and Happy Reading!!


  1. Hi Terri-Maree. It sounds like you are getting a handle on things and I'm impressed! My life would probably be a heck of a lot less chaotic if I did some planning, but it never seems to stick if I plan too far ahead. :)

    I'd be happy to do a guest post for you on Roald Dahl. I grew up having his books read to me by my parents and then getting to read them for myself. Just remind me closer to the time!

    The Word Fiend

  2. Let's just see how it goes next year - we all start off with the best of intentions. Will definitely get back to you closer to the time on the Roald Dahl post.


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