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Friday, 25 November 2011

Technological Fail

So whilst I enjoy the flexibility that is offered by an eReader I have come to realise that they too have their downfalls. So let me regale you with my story before I work out the pros and cons of paper vs screen...

On Wednesday night, I decided that I was going to really get into the story of The Orchid House... and believe me I did. I felt as though I was submerged in another world - and not in that nightmare kind of way where you cannot get out. But in that way where you feel that you are a fly on the wall in the life of someone in the past... Whilst the story had been gripping all along - it got to this part of the plot where you are literally hanging on every word on the page - taking them in quickly yet slowly because you want to savour what is about to come... And what was about to come in this story was rather monumental - as far as the book goes right now - and I was just so involved in the world of those in The Orchid house, and what happened next was most ..... My battery died. IT DIED!!!!!

Of course I could have charged it whilst reading, or made sure that the battery was in that 6 hours left mode, but I did not. I did not expect the time to go by so quickly. So what did I have to do, I had to go and charge it before I read any further - the agony of being left on the verge of a climax in the story!!!! Most vexing indeed. And this is where I realise, that having an actual book can so often be so much better. Of course my battery is fully charged now, and the story is just waiting for me, but it will be different now, going into the story again - and feeling what was going to come on. But enough of that, onto the pros and cons...

The real thing - paper between your hands...
  • A book's battery will never die - it will be there for you to pick up and go on with and will be okay with you stopping when you feel you are ready to.
  • You can put your books on display and marvel at their beauty.
  • You can smell them and get the comfort given by the physicality of a book.

The cons:

  • Books weigh a fair amount - especially when you are inbetween books, or if you are a fast reader and have many to take with you on holiday.
  • They require a lot of space - which all bibliophiles KNOW we will never have enough of.
  • They are an obsession (maybe this is not so much of a con as something that I need help for).

The electronic version

  • Your reads are only as heavy as your eReader.
  • You can have 100s of titles with you at any given time.
  • It is more travel friendly.

The cons:

  • They are battery operated.
  • Whilst they provide the same pleasure when reading a book - they are not as aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is more likely to get stolen than a book is.
  • They are battery operated (may have mentioned this before, but I think you get my point).
  • They are severely allergic to water.

So, the best advice I can give, is to have them both - and make sure that your battery is fully charged to avoid disappointment.


  1. e books are awesome, but there's something special about holding an actual book in your hand, flipping through it and having the smell of the pages fan onto your face. Also, it's easier on the eyes, screens blur my vision.

  2. I ADORE my e book reader (well, its a tablet with all the e reader apps)I can hold HUNDREDS if not thousands of e books and my little apt can hold about 100 books if I cram them all in :(
    I cant WAIT for the day I have space and build a beautiful shelf and reading section. Thats my dream.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog & following. Please stop back & say hi another time :)

  3. They definitely both have pros and cons. I just got an e-reader this week and I'm looking forward to exploring it.

    As far as travel goes I think my e-reader will be invaluable! Like all good bibliophiles I take a stack of books with me on any holiday (often more than I need, but you never know...) and they take up a lot of space and weight (especially when flying!).

    So I think that my reading world has room for paper and digital. :)

    The Word Fiend

  4. I have to agree, one cannot cast one aside - they are both special in their own way. I am just glad that the eReader is getting more people to read...


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