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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Aint such a bad place to be

So today is the day where I officially have my life back - after working 11 12hour days and 1 10 hour day I am beat...completely drained. So I don't expect to be back blogging till at least the weekend.

I am proud to say though that I did manage to read 1 book whilst I was working my insane work schedule - but I am not going to rant about that.

But now for something completely different...

Book Loot....

I got 6 new titles since I was last online"

One Day

I am Number 4

The King's Speech

Life - Keith Richards

22 Britannia Road

Seriously... I'm Kidding

All of these were purchased. I am expecting another shipment next week, but I'll tell you more about that then.

I am perusing a few literature courses to pick for next semester - will let you know more once I have decided. But for now, I am going to have lunch and then hopefully get back to reading Seriously... I'm kidding.

Happy Reading

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