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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Hidden Witch

Title: A Hidden Witch

Author: Debora Geary

Pages: 310

Publisher: Fireweed Publishers

Source: Review Copy

The Synopsis

Elorie Shaw, steeped in the traditions of the Nova Scotia witching community, but not a witch. The fetching spell must have goofed this time... or did it? Travel to Fisher's Cove, Nova Scotia, where Moira is matriarch and the old ways are nurtured and passed to the next generation. Where a crotchety old witch makes small children cry and builds walls around the silent pain in his heart. And where Elorie - sea-glass artist, inn owner, and Moira's granddaughter - makes her home. The old magics are strong here. Which is all fine and good until the fetching spell pulls Elorie into Witches' Chat. Because she's not a witch. Or at least not any kind of witch the old ways recognize..

The Review

This thrilling second installment of the Modern Witch book series sees old favourites from A Modern Witch and introduces some new friends that are certain to become favourites.

I loved seeing little Aervyn again in this book - he is just the cutest story kid ever. And then Jamie... Reading a Hidden Witch was like meeting up with old friends and catching up on what they have been up to since the last time you saw one another.

Whilst I did not expect the twist that the plot took with a new kind of magic, I was pleasantly suprised by the creativity that it takes to create a new magic. I really loved it. The effect of the happy witches in the pages of this book just made me very happy.

The triplets were my favourite in this one, with their cleverness with code in the game - and the tricks that were played! I just loved it and cannot wait to read book 3 A Reckless Witch!

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