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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thoeba - Donna Milward

Title: Thoeba

Author: Donna Milward

Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Pages: 322

Source: Review Copy

The Synopsis

"Thoeba has already paid a heavy price in her fight against evil. But failure to restore the balance will cost everything.

Thoeba, angel solider of god, faces a hopeless battle guarding The Energy. Many of her fellow kin are slain, including her true love, Thani. Thoeba has no time to mourn her loss. In a desperate attempt to stop The Energy falling into the hands of evil, Thoeba takes refuge on earth.

Destiny takes her into the path of Peter Mason who fishes her from a lake, naked and disorientated. Fate has brought them together for more than one reason.

Can Thoeba convince Peter to aid her on her quest? Can Thoeba come to terms with who Peter really is?"

The Review

This book made me think a lot of City of Angels. The interaction between humans and angels. This book really had me thinking about the battle between good and evil. What would you do if the balance was all in your hands and you had to get people to believe you to fight against the evil in the world?

This book was filled with suspense, but also had a bit of romance running through it. The story was very well thought out, with an outstanding plot - both heart wrenching and providing hope. This book had lots of action - and had my heart racing at points. I definitely recommend it if you are into celestial stories.

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  1. Just read this book and I loved it. Donna is a talented writer with a feel that's unique, hope she puts out some more. --HK Savage, writer/Editor, Staccato Publishing


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