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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Love and Happiness

There are 5 days left of January and most of the days past are a blur. As far as Shakespeare reading month goes I completely failed. I only read one title. But I am not going to split hairs over it - life got busy. I have a bit too much on my plate. So I am pleased to say that I have read 6 books so far this month.

I think this weekend I am just going to do some reading for fun. *at this point I realise that it is only Thursday and not Friday as I thought*. But my resolution stands - I need to spend some of my time reading just for me - and not reading for my studies or reading all the things I am busy with for work.

Books are my happy place and I have neglected my happy place a bit too much this year - and the year is still so young. Next week you can look forward to a few reviews - I have many books that I am itching to get to so you can expect to see a flurry of posts from me and then a lull. Do know that I have not abandoned ship, but am slaying the dragons that are trying to get to my happy place. I wish that I could be like a chameleon - I wish that both my eyes could look at different things simultaneously because then I would be reading 2 books at once - this is how withdrawn I am.

On a more serious note, there was a fire in Greenacres this morning. One of the shops in the vicinity of the fire is Bargain Books - I just hope that the books are okay.

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