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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New book loot - January 2012 Edition

I have been spoilt this week with 3 wonderful books - 2 gifts and 1 prize. I wish every week could be like this!! But if it were, then I would have even less space in my already crowded bedroom and office! But as a bibliophile practicality tends to go out the window everytime the opportunity for new books come up.

So what are my 3 new books you wonder? Well I shan't keep you in suspense any longer!! Here they are:

The Night Circus and The Song of Achilles - Christmas gifts from Shaun and Jeremy [Christmas can go on for a long time when your friends are in other provinces over the festive season]. And check out the cool Night Circus themed shopping bag it came in!!

King of Paine by Larry Kahn - I won this from Chrizette's blog All the Days of in December and was really surprised when it arrived from Georgia a mere 12 days later - and this with the new year break in between too!!! What speed!!

So I am very excited and cannot wait to readthese amazing new books - my TBR pile is truly teetering!!! Now if I could just finish all my Shakespeare...

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  1. Wow, that was speedy! Usually US post takes more than a month! lol Hope you enjoy King of Paine :)


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