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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New release from Pan Macmillan - Easy money by Jens Lapidus

Publication February 2012
ISBN 9780230761100
Price R190.00
Category General Fiction
Format Trade Paperback

Easy MONEY $


JORGE is the drug-dealing Latino who refuses to stay behind bars.

MRADO is the pill-popping Yugoslaav hit man who cracks people’s fingers with one hand and strokes his daughter’s cheek with the other.

JW is the wannabe wide-boy who works the night shift to fund his partying with his wealthy friends.

Jorge, Mrado and JW have two things in common: a love of money and a belief that the city’s coke scene is the way to get it. But soon they are united by another, more important goal:revenge.
And things are about to get bloody.

Jens Lapidus is the man behind the most talked about Swedish first novel in a decade: Easy Money – the first of the internationally bestselling Stockholm Trilogy – is a dark and brutal account of the Stockholm underworld. A young and highly successful criminal defence lawyer,
Lapidus’ professional experience of representing some of the most notorious criminals in the country has given him unique insights into a world that most people would rather not acknowledge. Jens Lapidus lives in Stockholm with his wife.

Sounds like a gripping, dark read, doesn't it?

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