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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February Book Loot and some other things

Aside from being sick, February has started off rather well. I have read 4 books so far, and have already received some new books. I am not sure which to start with as they are both exciting so let me start with something else that was rather exciting that happened this weekend.

We have been having a lot of rain - which is such as blessing because for a long time we had very bad drought so the fact that it is raining and that there is an abundance of rain is very welcome. It rained so much that the waterfalls that form in the mountain here in Somerset East made their appearance for the first in a terribly long time. From my back door I had a wonderful vantage point of the three most prominent waterfalls - it was just so beautiful. We went for a drive at the foot of the mountain and saw several more waterfalls in the kloofs. It was breath taking - the last streets in town were just flooded from the fountain water. It was just amazing. It is just a pity that they stoppped flowing so quickly, but word is we are in for some more rain so one can only hope that they appear again.

But now back to bookish things...

I think I'll start with the books that I have read so far. As I sais I have read 4 books so far - the one was a children's book, but it counts anyway. I said I wanted to read 10 books and I am working towards it. So here are the 4 books that I have read so far for February:

1. Destined - House of Night #9
2. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
3. Up Cat
4. Demons are a Ghoul's Best Friend

I am presently busy with Ghouls just Haunt to have Fun and some other side books so hopefully I'll exceed my goal of 10 books for this month. Though I don't want to get cocky - this is a short month, even with its extra day.

And now for my new book loot...

1. Matilda - I have always loved this book and just had to have it.

2. Out of Africa - having it is the only way I'll read it since I don't know anyone with it and the local library doesn't have it, what other choice did I have?

3. The Virgin Suicides - I love Jeffrey Eugenides. I had to have this book since I already have Middlesex and when I can I am going to get The Marriage Plot.

4. Extreme - Sharon Osbourne. This is possibly the one I am most excited about. I love Sharon and this was the last book I needed to complete my collection.

Well that's me checking in, I need to work on a few reviews so that you can be as regaled by the books that I have read as I am. Have you received any new books? Or read anything superb?

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