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Saturday, 25 February 2012


If my blog were a child, I would be arrested for neglect. February has just been a crazy month. So much has happened, so much is happening and I am sure that there is a lot that will still happen. But such is life - I just have not managed to find a bit of calm in the madness to do anything bookish - but I do hope that that will change.

So far I have read 4 books this month - this is way below my target of 10, but that is something that I have to deal with. Life is just too busy for me to allow myself to feel bad about it. I can just hope that next month will be better.

I'll try to get some content up in the next few days and I really do have many books that I have read that have yet to be reviewed, so I really do need to catch up. But for now... I have to finish my assignment on the Ancient Epic. As soon as I have done that I shall return and give my blog the attention it so much needs *sigh*.

I hope that you are all having a better reading February than me. Till later, Happy Reading :)

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