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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

February: the month that was

As far as reading goes, February was an epic fail. I could blame it on the fact that February is the shortest month, but who am I kidding, really? It had an extra day. I had set a goal to read 10 books, but fell short. I only managed to read a scant 4 books - if this is not an epic fail then I don't know what is.

But still on many levels February was not such a bad month. I won the Women24 February Book Club selection - 10 new books finding their home with me and they were all FREE. It does warm the cockles of one's heart. And I got a review copy of After the Snow from PanMacMillan South Africa - so in that respect February was rather good. *KJ if you're reading this - it worked :) we so should send out energy for something bigger*

February was a temperamental month - and I'll not write too much of that here, but shall rather start keeping a journal, and write all the saucy details in there. *Note saucy is being used in a Shakespearean way*.

Enough ranting about February - and onto my hopes for March...

March is my birthday month, and since I am a dragon and it is the year of the dragon I can only have an age that is a multiple of 12. So I turn 24 in 10 days time - this is a scary thought, but I always feel better knowing that in 2 months and 10 days my best friend will be turning 25 and I am not the older one between us. I do hope that I get many books for my birthday, but I'll not hold my breath as those I know do not understand my bookish obsession. Would it not be a dream to get a book voucher from the universe simply because you're bookish and it's your birthday? Now I am being silly, but one can dream.

I am going to make myself a 2 tier lemon butter cake, so unless it's a fantastic disaster, you can expect pictures.

So what are my goals for the month, you wonder? Well I would like to try and reach my goal this month and actually read 10 books. I already finished 1 book this month and I am a 3rd of the way through with a second one, so hopefully this will be an amazing reading month for me. And another goal is to be more present online - of course this would be a dream come true with my increased responsibility at work, but I am going to try.

What are your goals for March? How was February for you?

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