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Friday, 11 May 2012

After the Snow - S.D. Crockett



Title: After the Snow
Author: S.D. Crockett
Pages: 308
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Source: Review copy

The synopsis

Willo is a straggler kid  living in the dangerous and barren land of a new ice age. Coming home after a day of trapping hares on the snowy mountainside he discovers that his entire family is gone. 

And after one night in the empty house he knows they are not coming back. Isolated and at risk Willow loads up his sledge and embarks on a terrifying, freezing journey of survival. The dog spirit inside his head is his guide and only companion.

The Review

 I have a bit of a mixed review about After the Snow. I would like to start my review with how pretty the copy I got is, it is just a perfect cover for the book. The lone crow on the cover, it just works so well with the story. Well, I think it's prettier than the other covers out there. Also, the illustrations at the various parts of the book are lovely too.

I think I'll start with what I liked about After the Snow: Willo, I have never read about a character like Willo before, his will to survive and his ability to make the best of the situations in which he finds himself is just remarkable. He is such a caring character, and I was sad to leave him at the end of the book.

 I have said it before, and I'll say it again, I am not a fan of dystopian's it just seems like too real a possibility that it freaks me out. Having said this, what kept me reading this book, was having to know what happens to Willo, I had to know whether or not he finds absolution.

What I didn't like about after the snow, was the language. I am rather anal about speaking properly, so reading the thoughts of  a character that speaks as he thinks, in a very broken english annoyed me. But once I got over that and placed it in the context of why he speaks as he does, I have to applaud S.D. Crockett for letting him speak as he does.

I will admit, that I felt rather lost when I started reading this book, I kept looking for a point of reference, as to where this story is happening, and I wanted to learn more about Willo, but it just never happened. I had to reread the email I got about the book to find that point of reference, but again - within the context of the book and the storyline - it makes sense  to not do that, I am just fairly analytical and need to know where I am, instead of just free falling into the story.

I do think that this is a really good debut, and I look forward to seeing whether there will be another book about Willo, because whilst there is a point where a lot comes together, I feel like there could be more to it. This is well worth reading, and if you are a fan of dystopian I do recommend it. You will love Willo.


  1. I have also read (and reviewed) AFTER THE SNOW but unfortunately it was not the book for me.

  2. I was not taken by this book, I didn't enjoy it, but when you think about what the author was trying to do, she did it - whether we liked it or not.


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