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Friday, 29 June 2012

Deviating from the list and the reading 'plan'

This post has been partially inspired by Delaisse's post, which you can check out here.

I have a plan for 150 books in the next 5 years. This means that there are 30 books a year that I have to read in order to read the 150 books in the next 5 years. It was fine until today, where I realised  that I was just putting myself under a bit more pressure than I need. Sure, it is not a difficult thing, and really 30 out of the 60 something or so books I read a year, is really not bad, but now I feel a bit stuck. It feels a bit too forced.

Sure, I want to read all of the books on my list, but I want to want to read them, not have to read them because they are on a list. Who knows, maybe next week I'll feel better, but for now, I want to cast Alice's Adventures in Wonderland aside, and pick up something else. I can do this, and I probably will, but at the back of my mind I am wondering, if I do this, will I regret it down the line, when year one of the challenge is over and I have not read those 30 books?

Do I need to be disciplined, or is this whole discipline to read books from a list ruining the reading experience for me? This is a question that I cannot really answer. But, I just feel I need to express it here, and have it recorded, so that in a month, or a year or 5 years when I look back and see what I felt, I can maybe answer the question I have posed myself?

I think I shall just have a freebie weekend where I read whatever I want to, whether it is from the challenge list or not, or just some random YA, I am going to go wherever the reading wanderlust takes me, and I hope that I'll not regret it. But how can you regret reading something, and enjoying it?

I am probably just being silly, and I hope that this freebie weekend will inspire me to get back into Alice, and plow through the 25 other books I need to read to make up my 30 for year 1. Oh well, time to step back and enjoy the reading journey instead of fretting, have a wonderful weekend all.

Tomorrow my review of Ascend will be up, Sunday is my fairly long post on Wuthering Heights, and Monday you can look forward to my review of Life by Keith Richards, which so does not do the book any justice. Have a wonderful reading weekend!


  1. I have found that sometimes I need a break from challenges and I just read whatever I want. :) Then, when I'm feeling motivated again, I pick up my challenge books again and go for it. Allow yourself some free reading! It won't hurt anything! ;)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words :) I am definitely accepting your advice, and I am not placing myself under so much pressure, and I am reading some books for fun too.

  2. "Do I need to be disciplined, or is this whole discipline to read books from a list ruining the reading experience for me?" - the eternal question! It's both, for me, it has to be.

    1. I agree! It has to be both, we need to strive for more as readers, and the list helps us with that, just gets tricky when we start to resent the list


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