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Friday, 29 June 2012

Torn - Amanda Hocking

What happens when everything changes?

Title: Torn

Author: Amanda Hocking

Pages: 324 (excluding exerpt of Ascend)

Publisher: TOR

Source: bought

Preceded by: Switched

Followed by: Ascend

The Synopsis

Leaving behind the mysterious country of her birth, she is determined to fit back into normal life. But the world she's left behind won't let her go that easily...

Kidnapped and imprisoned by her true family's enemies, Wendy soon learns that the lines between good and evil aren't as defined as she thought. And those things she'd taken for granted may have been lies all along. With the help of the dangerously attractive Loki, she escapes back to the safety of Förening - only to be confronted by a new threat.

It's time to make a choice - can she put aside her personal feelings for the sake of her country? Torn between duty and love she must make a choice that could destroy her one chance at true happiness.

The Review

I was very excited to start reading Torn after Switched ended on the cliff hanger that it did. Whilst I will admit that Switched was a bit slow in getting into the action, Torn makes up for that for being quite packed with action, and a lot that was introduced in Switched was explained in Torn.

Wendy is kidnapped by the Vittra - the enemies of her kingdom Förening - and Wendy discovers that the king of the Vittra is her father. As you can tell, the plot really thickens in Torn. Wendy becomes torn as far as many things go, torn between choosing freedom or duty, her mother or her father, and most interestingly, Finn or Loki.

Fortunately Wendy sees her father for the monster that he is, and as such, she chooses her mother, and when her mother reveals things to her, she chooses duty. Wendy does show a lot of growth in Torn, and one of my best parts is where she stands up to a petulant Marksinna, I felt so proud of Wendy at that moment. The way that Wendy responded to all the challenges that she becomes faced with just endears you to her character so much more than has been possible in Switched.

I really enjoyed Torn, there was a lot of action, that really had me biting my nails, hoping that Wendy would be okay, especially when we were introduced to those dreadful hobgoblins. And there was a lot of suspense, is Loki trustworthy or not? Is Finn going to stop toying with Wendy? And will Wendy and Tove really get married? I know I am revealing a fair amount, but I just want you to see all these things that are brought up, and some of them are carried over to the final book Ascend, which will be reviewed tomorrow.

If you are looking for a series or a trilogy, that you can really get into, and really get to know the characters, and just escape into for a brief time, and that just as importantly, has all the books out already, then Amanda Hocking's Trylle Trilogy is for you.

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