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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Book Loot - Penguin English Library

This is by no means new news to anyone in the know, but for the sake of those who are still in the dark, Penguin Books has embarked on a new cover endeavour for the Penguin English Library collection. I have long admired the Penguin Clothbound Editions, and I have managed to acquire one, but they are still a bit too expensive for me to be able to to buy an armful at a time.

So it was fantastic news when I saw the new Penguin English Library with their gorgeous covers that are so much like the Clothbounds, but much more affordable. Penguin is going to be releasing 100 books, 10 a month till December. You also get a leaflet in the book telling you which books are going to be released in which month.

This is my first order, and they really are beautiful! I cannot wait to have a shelf full of these beauties!



  1. I love that Moby-Dick cover. :) I think that one is going to be in my next order. ;)

  2. It is beautiful! I find that I want to stare at them for hours, they are just so lovely!

  3. The covers are beautiful! But I'm wondering, how is the size of the print, especially in North and South and Jane Eyre? The regular Penguin edition of North and South has really tiny print so I'm looking for an edition that is easier to read.

    Also, the regular editions of North and South and Jane Eyre have a strong chemical smell (at least to my sensitive nose) of ink or adhesive (or maybe it's the inexpensive paper, I'm not sure which). I'm hoping the English Library edtitions aren't like that.


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