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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Bookish Quirks

I have many bookish quirks, some you may be afflicted with too, but hopefully you are lucky and are not afflicted with too many. I'd love to know which of my quirks you share, and if you have some that are different from mine, do feel free to list them in the comments. I am quite an eccentric bibliophile, so where should I start?

Dust Jackets - I love and Loathe them. I love them because they are so pretty, and make me feel awesome for owning a hard cover copy, but how I despise them when I am reading that book. I get so anxious that I am going to tear or fold or some how ruin the pretty dust jacket that I end up taking it off and putting it in a drawer. This is not always good, as I am Ozzy and U2 by U2 have still not been reclothed in their dust jackets *sigh*

Much books have to match. In a pinch I'll get a none matching copy, but then I have to get a copy that matches too. I feel sad for the book that has to be the odd one out, but they have to all match. Never thought I'd be a book discriminator. 

You know how in each series of books you have that one favourite scene or one favourite book that outshines the others? Well I am unable to go to that favourite scene to relive it unless I have read all the preceding books and gotten to there as you are supposed to. My bookish OCD knows no bounds. So to get to my favourite scene where Fred and George leave Hogwarts in The Order of the Phoenix I have to read the preceding 4 books. 

This is a big issue and quirk of mine, I cannot stand having my books damaged. If I lend you a book and it is in pristine condition, I want it returned in pristine condition, If I can read my book without cracking the spines you have to be able to do that  too. If anyone is going to damage my books it is going to be me, and not the person who I lent it to. I hate cracked spines and dog eared pages. If you ruin my book I don't want it back and I am never lending you books again, so don't even look my way is my attitude. I lent Dead until Dark to a co-worker who ruined it. I could not stand to look at it, so I gave it and the other 4 books from the series that I had to the library, I cannot look at books that were new but were ruined by others. On that same note, another quirk I have is that when I buy a book, I have to be the first one to read it. It's great that you want to read it too, but wait your turn it is mine. My inner control freak really comes out in this quirk. The book eyed monster really jumps out of me. 

The odd thing is whilst I hate having my books damaged, I love second hand books. As long as they are not falling apart or written in, I will buy them. Even if their spines are cracked. It is a complete anomaly, but there is no rationality in this bibliophile. 

If I read about a book that you have loved and I happen to not be broke at the time I will immediately order it. I may not read it as soon as it arrives, but I HAVE to have it. 

And last but not least, my craziest quirk, I (sometimes) sleep with books in my bed. And I sleep with books next to my bed. Insane, I know, but it's a comfort thing. I love having books near me, and sometimes there are just too many books in and next to my night stand, and I am too lazy to put it else where so they end up in bed next to me. Also, it is nice to just wake up and have books next to you. Crazy I know, but I love books, and these are my quirks :) 

And now it's your turn... what are your bookish quirks?

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