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Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Secret Supper Club - Dana Bate

Title: The Secret Supper Club

Author: Dana Bate

Pages: 480

Publisher: Canvas

Source: Review copy from Corsair

Other: This book was previously released in the United States as The Girl's Guide to Love and Supper Clubs.

The Synopsis

If twenty-six-year-old Hannah Sugarman had her way, she'd be whipping up carrot cakes and running her culinary empire. Instead, she spends her hours cooking up papers on the financial crisis. It doesn't help that no one in her life takes her passion seriously - not even her boyfriend. 

When her relationship implodes, Hannah decides to jump-start her life by hosting a secret supper club out of her landlord's flat. Her underground operation presents some problems. Running an unlicensed restaurant out of someone's home is not, technically speaking, legal. 

As the success of Hannah's supper club grows, so do the number of secrets she is forced to keep. Can Hannah keep her pop-up restaurant underground? When mysterious guests turn up for dinner, can she handle the heat? Or will she have to step out of the kitchen? A charming romantic comedy, The Secret Supper Club is a story about finding yourself, fulfilling your dreams, and falling in love along the way.

The Review

It is incredibly hard to write about a book that you have thoroughly enjoyed. This is the case for me and The Secret Supper Club. I got it last week Tuesday, and was immediately sucked in by it. I started reading and read well into the night, and had I not had to be responsible and wake up for work early in the morning I would have read through the night so that I could finish this book. But alas, life gets in the way of reading as much as we want to. I read 120 pages that night, and another 150 the Wednesday night. Then finished it Thursday night. I absolutely loved this book, and it has been difficult picking up a book since, my expectations have just been so high.

The Secret Supper Club is the perfect book for just relaxing and unwinding with, it is the sort of book that if it were a film would be in the same category as 27 Dresses - a lovely Rom Com. The characters are so very lovable and so well developed that you feel as though you know them. Our heroine Hannah is so lovely and very likable and in a difficult situation that is incredibly easy to relate to. It is a situation that many find themselves in, and I for one find myself there now. You know how it is, you have a dream, but it is not a dream that is wildly supported because it is such a whimsical career dream that no one with a 'proper' job can understand why you would want to give up your good, safe job for something that can give you no certainty. You feel stifled and need to get out, but can't because you are scared, and if anything goes wrong you are on your own. This is the gist of Hannah's situation. 

Her life changes quite dramatically after she breaks up with her boyfriend, but that is when the adventure truly begins, with a Secret Supper Club and other activities that make this book a roller coaster ride of an adventure that has an array of delectable and delicious dishes that you wish you could be in the book to taste. I for one would like some of that honey ice cream.

If you are in the mood for an escape with a book that is quite real and easy to relate to and that may actually offer you insight into your own life, then The Secret Supper Club is the book for you. And as an added bonus there are several lovely recipes for you to test out. Do be warned though, you'll be snacking a lot whilst reading this book, the food mentioned and made in this story will have your mouth watering - so be prepared.

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