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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Character Outlines - The Legacy by Melissa Delport

Today, we are quite lucky to have Melissa Delport over at Bibliophilia giving us an outline of the characters in her nail biting trilogy The Legacy. Over to you, Melissa...
One of the things I consider most important in any book is character development. For a reader to truly immerse themselves in a story it is imperative that they can connect with the main characters, and in order to do this, your characters need to be well-rounded and fully fleshed-out.

The Legacy Trilogy encompasses a variety of diverse characters, each with their own unique attributes and mannerisms. Here are a few of the main characters, summed up in a few short lines.

Rebecca Davis: The strong and fiery leader of The Legion, Rebecca’s commitment to the Resistance knows no bounds. She is prepared to sacrifice everything in order to protect the people that she loves, and will become the Resistance’s ultimate weapon.

Aidan Moore: Rebecca’s childhood friend and the love of her life, Aidan is dependable, pure and honest and he represents everything that Rebecca is fighting for.

Reed McCoy: Created as Rebecca’s equal, Reed is courageous and fiercely protective, but at the same time he is not afraid to challenge her. Sarcastic, sexy and rugged, he is Rebecca’s greatest temptation, while also being her greatest asset.

Eric Dane: Eric is the President of the New United States. Charismatic, arrogant and cruel, he is Rebecca’s husband and her greatest enemy. A narcissistic, power-hungry tyrant, Eric will stop at nothing in his quest for control.

Kwan Lee: Warrior and mentor, Kwan is the voice of reason and he keeps Rebecca grounded, while determined to seek retribution. Kwan has his own score to settle with Eric Dane.

Michael Kelly: 16-year-old Michael is naive, quirky, and the eternal optimist. Fun-loving to a fault, he is a stark contrast to his older sister, Morgan.

Morgan Kelly: Reckless, sassy, sullen Morgan is a thorn in Rebecca’s side, but there is a vulnerability about her that is endearing. Her protectiveness over her brother is admirable. Morgan is the girl we love to hate.

Jonathan Moore: The only father Rebecca has ever known, Jonathan is Aidan’s biological father and has been in Rebecca’s life since before she was born. A giant of a man, Jonathan has always protected Rebecca and he thinks of her as his own.

Jeffrey Davis: Rebecca’s biological father, believed dead for most of her life. Jeffrey is a serious, stern man, and one of the founders of the Resistance. His sense of loyalty and patriotism is inspiring, although his stoic, steadfast manner initially keeps Rebecca at arms length.

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