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Friday, 5 September 2014

Whilst I wasn't reading

For the longest time I have been struggling to get back to being the prolific reader that I was before I moved to Cape Town. Whilst I have been reading, I have not read as fast or as much as I wanted to be reading. It was rather distressing which slowed down my reading even more.

I still am not where I would like to be with regards to my reading speed, nor have I met the challenges that I have set out for myself, but I decided that to stress about that would simply delay the reading process even further which would start an even more vicious cycle. I decided to stop reading for two weeks. I decided to starve myself of the pleasure of reading so that I could really get sucked in when I did start reading again. So far it has proven effective, and I have decided to tell you about what it was that I was doing whilst I wasn't reading.

Since I was battling to get lost in a story in my head through reading, I decided I would become involved in a story by watching them. There are so many phenomenal series available at the moment. Some of them newish, some of them, finished up either this or last year.

Breaking Bad.

The Americans.

House of Cards.

These are the stories I got lost in.

I watched the American version of House of Cards - Kevin Spacey was phenomenally despicable. I am looking forward to seeing the British version to compare, as the British are just so much more acerbic than the Americans are. It is also quite exciting that House of Cards is based on Michael Dobbs' novel of the same name.

The Americans got me thinking about Russia and Russian Literature, the reference to Anna Karenina and The French Lieutenant's Woman did not escape my notice. The Americans got me wanting to read the Russian Classics. It made me want to read about the Cold War and find out why Russia was seemingly on the wrong side of the war. Interestingly enough, there are also bookish ties to this show - An Ordinary Spy by Joe Weisberg.

Breaking Bad made me think of Voldemort, looking at Walter White and seeing how he turned from good, innocuous Walter White to full on Heisenberg - poisoning children and taking names. We understand through this 5 series journey why it is that Walter White turned bad, but do we actually truly know why Tom Riddle became Voldemort? I am due for a reread of Harry Potter, so perhaps I shall find that we already know, but I think it is splendid when a series makes you think of books.

This is what I was doing when I was not reading, I was getting lost in other story worlds, yet always thinking of books!


  1. Happy reading for going forward! Happy to see you blogging more

  2. I hope you find your reading mojo again soon.
    I've also been struggling lately with reading and blogging, but I seem to be back on track again this week (which is why I haven't responded to your comment on my post until now.)

    AusReading month starts next week - yikes! I'd better get busy with masterposts and reading lists!!
    Hope you still have time to join us :-)


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