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Monday, 16 March 2015

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

Title: Eleanor & Park

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Pages: 336

Publisher: Orion

Source: purchased from Exclusive Books

The Synopsis

Eleanor is the new girl in town, and with her chaotic family life, her mismatched clothes and unruly red hair, she couldn't stick out more if she tried.

Park is the boy at the back of the school bus. Black T-shirts,  headphones, head in a book - he thinks he's made himself invisible. But not to Eleanor... never to Eleanor.

Slowly, steadily, through late-night conversations, and an ever-growing stack of mix tapes, Eleanor and Park fall for each other. They fall in love the way you do the first time, when you're young, and when you feel as if you have nothing and everything to lose.

The Review

Once I started reading Eleanor & Park I could not stop. I read it in one sitting. It is such an emotional roller coaster ride. I started my reading off being intrigued, and ended with a broken heart.

This book broke my heart for so many different reasons; all the cruelty experienced by Eleanor, the loss experienced by Park. The abuse experienced by Eleanor and her family is just so incredibly unfair. Abuse is insidious, it sometimes occurs in innocuous actions. It is one of the worst things that can happen. The way that Rowell describes it is perfect, and it just breaks your heart. More books need to be written like this to help readers to identify the seemingly innocuous ways in which abuse occurs.

I love how Eleanor & Parks shows how delicate and perfect first love is, or rather how it should be. I wish I could have a Park in my life. The beauty of the relationship between Eleanor and Park is just so flawless, you want to protect it like you would a flame from the wind. You realise that Eleanor and Park are just what the other needs at that time of their lives. Park becomes the necessary escape that Eleanor needs from home whilst Eleanor gives Park the confidence to be okay with his being different.

My heart breaks for both Eleanor and Park at the end, but more so for Park. I shan't say more as I do not want to ruin it for you if you have not read it yet.

Rainbow Rowell may actually be my new favourite YA author. Her style of writing is just perfect for the story she is telling. Her writing is so good that it is almost hypnotic. Rowell has perfectly described what your first relationship should be like, and it is well just perfect.

There is one word that I have used over and over, which is the only way to describe the way that Rainbow Rowell has written Eleanor & Park as well as the story of Eleanor & Park and that is PERFECT. It is hard to believe that a school district in Minnesota decided to ban this book. This book that is so real and could easily be so true.

If you have not yet read Eleanor & Park please do. This is one of those books that I want to give to everyone I know and say, "Please, you have to read this" because it is one of those books that you need to read in order to see.


  1. Love your blog, still ,haven't read Eleanor and Park (really want to read it) but have fangirl it was the best.
    I'm new to the blogosphere, followed your blog.
    Kristin @ Simply Bookish Things

  2. On Eleanor and Park... I have no words, just I LOVED it :)

  3. I have this on my (out of control) TBR pile. I really must get to it soon - lovely review.


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